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PR: New Plan for the Dog Park Behind the SACC

The City of Dorval is pleased to announce that it has come to an agreement with a special citizen committee to build a large dog park behind the Surrey Aquatic and Community Centre.

The construction of a new canine space had initially been announced in early May, but many park users had expressed concerns about the area being too small. The City of Dorval had then decided to form a consultation committee including citizens, elected officials, and municipal employees in order to find a compromise.

Ultimately, the new fenced space will cover an approximate area of 35,000 m2 and will be open to dogs without a leash. All citizens, with or without dogs, will be able to access it. Two service trucks accesses and two other double-gated accesses for pedestrians will be installed on this new structure.

Work is scheduled to begin in late fall of 2021.

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