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Pointe-Claire seeks public opinion for the future infrastructure of Pointe-Claire Village

In a project that will be spread out over a minimum of two years, the City of Pointe-Claire is planning major work on municipal infrastructure.

PHOTO: Facebook, City of Pointe-Claire

Work will be underway in 2023 on Du Bord-du-Lac-Lakeshore Road in Pointe-Claire Village, between Victoria and Du Golf Avenues. The work is being done to upgrade the sewer, waterworks, and storm drainage system pipes, which have reached the end of their useful life, and to rebuild the road.

As the municipal infrastructure is being upgraded, the City wishes to receive the community's feedback on the future development of Pointe-Claire Village.

Proposed are two concepts with their respective details, and until June 28, residents may vote online for their favorite developments.

The first concept consists of a two-way street with maximized parking, and a second concept includes a complete one-way street with more spaces for vegetation and pedestrians.

To vote and view the two presented developments, visit . You must sign in or register for Pointe-Claire, It’s Who We Are to submit your response.

SOURCE: City of Pointe-Claire

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