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Pointe-Claire's Heritage and exclusive interview with Mayor Tim Thomas

Pointe-Claire, like many other municipalities on the Island of Montreal, has a rich history and heritage as its foundation.

West Island News had the opportunity to visit Stewart Hall, Pointe-Claire's cultural center, to speak with Mayor Tim Thomas about the first few weeks of his mayorship as well as a brief discussion of Pointe-Claire's history and heritage.

Stewart Hall (originally Mull Hall) was built as a private mansion but is now used as an art gallery and cultural center for numerous activities that are open to the community.

One of the many galleries in the building holds a dollhouse owned by Morna MacLean, one of the original residents of Mull Hall as a part of its permanent collection.

During Mayor Thomas' campaign, he voiced his and the community's desire to uphold Pointe-Claire's history of being a "garden city", where he hopes to be able to embody the spirit of the city all while welcoming comfortable change.

The Visions of Stewart Hall: 1885-1963 exhibit is part of Stewart Hall's permanent collection and features the history of the landmark and its prior owners.

It is located on the second-floor hallway and shows milestones of Quebec's history through archival photographs and documents that are otherwise unpublished.

The exhibit can be visited without an appointment during Stewart Hall Cultural Centre’s opening hours. Visitors are asked to follow the public health measures currently in effect during their visit.


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