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Pointe-Claire athletes and coach recognized at Diving Canada ceremony.

Updated: Feb 11

At Diving Canada's annual awards ceremony, the Pointe-Claire Aquatics Club, its coaches, and its athletes were honored for their exceptional performances, passion, and work ethic.

Three Pointe-Claire Aquatics Club members received awards from their peers during the event. Diver Nathan Zsombor-Murray won Male Diver of the Year, diver Caeli McKay took home the Ripple Affect Award, and diving coach David Bédard was given the Impact Coach Award.

VIDEO: Diving Canada

In appreciation of David Bédard's leadership, his role as a positive role model, and his various achievements within Diving Canada, he has been granted the 2023 Coaching Impact Award. He is the ideal recipient of this award because of his ardent love and devotion to the sport.

Diving Canada has named Nathan Zsombor-Murray the Male Diver of the Year. With over 15 years of experience representing the Pointe-Claire Aquatics Club, outstanding performance in the most recent competition, and unwavering devotion to his sport, he was an obvious choice for this recognition.

VIDEO: Diving Canada

The Ripple Affect Award has been given to Caeli McKay in recognition of her role as a significant role model, her exemplary morals, and her beneficial effects on others. She is the ideal candidate for the 2023 Ripple Affect Award because of her capacity to produce outstanding competitive outcomes, her tenacity and work ethic.

PHOTO: Diving Canada



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