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Pets up for adoption at Animatch

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It's that time of the month again! Here is an updated list of furry friends currently seeking their forever homes at Animatch!



Male Husky Mix - 10 MONTHS OLD

Blitz is looking for an active family who would appreciate a fun-loving companion by their side. He would enjoy and benefit from obedience classes, and any other sport you care to try. He gets along with other dogs (especially females) as long as they aren't bossy but requires a feline-free home. Blitz has already been adopted and returned within a week, so please be honest about what you're looking for when adopting. His next home has to be his last.

Image courtesy of Animatch


Female Cocker Spaniel - 5 MONTHS OLD (DOB JUNE 6)

You have probably seen Phibie on our donation page. She has now had her surgery and there has been great improvement with her constant urination. We will know more in the coming weeks. She may have to take Phenyhpropanolamine for the rest of her life. This does not affect her energy level or her take on life. She's a bundle of energy that whirls and twirls and runs laps even on her own in the yard. Of course, It's more fun when there's someone to circle just out of arm's reach. Cocker Spaniels are active, smart dogs who need daily exercise, both for their bodies and minds. Phibie gets along with other dogs, but they have to tolerate her enthusiasm. An experienced family familiar with the breed is just what she's looking for.

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Male Maltese Mix - 8 1/2 YEARS OLD

Casanova has spent his life in a place with too many dogs, too little veterinary care, and no human affection. He arrived with some of his friends, dirty, matted, and untrusting. He has made progress, but there is no way of telling exactly what the future holds. Everything is new to him. His family will have to start from square one with toilet training and walking on a leash. All this training must be done gently and with positive reinforcement. He has to learn to trust you, and you must have reasonable expectations. A well-balanced dog in the home would be a great asset.

Image courtesy of Animatch


Male Husky Mix - 2 YEARS OLD

Amarok, which means great wolf, has discovered human companionship. He's doing his best to adapt to the culture shock of going from roaming free to spending part of his day in a pen. What's helping him get through this is belly rubs and ear scratches. He's looking for an active family with someone home a good part of the day. A safe, secure property where he can bask on a snowbank would be great. Amarok would do best as your only pet, as he doesn't like to share his human's attention. Don't even think about cats. He's too vocal for apartments or condos. This slobbering teddy bear is looking for someone who's willing to spend the next ten to fifteen years with him.

Image courtesy of Animatch


If you think you're just the person for Blitz, Phibie, Casanova, or Amarok, fill out the form and ask for them by name.

For more information on them or any of the other dogs available for adoption, go to

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