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Nurses and RTs Virtual job fair for public and private institutions this November

Nurses and RTs – Welcome (Back) to the Netw

November 4,5,6 and November 11,12,13

The “For a Healthy Public Network” virtual job fair is a one of a kind opportunity to quickly and readily hire nurses and respiratory therapists. This large-scale recruitment initiative is in response to the government announcing incentives aimed at attracting professionals back to the public network.

Better shifts, a $12,000 government bonus, self-scheduling, stability, an improved work-life balance, these are some of the measures currently being implemented to provide nursing and cardiorespiratory care staff with the best possible working conditions and to create a healthy and stimulating environment in which they can thrive.

Nursing and cardiorespiratory care employees are invited to book an appointment on to connect with a recruiter at the healthcare facility of their choice during the virtual job fair to be held on November 4, 5, 6 and November 11, 12, 13. There is no need to go anywhere, as everything will be done by phone, tablet or computer.

Depending on the situation, virtual meetings will last anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes and a conditional job offer could be made as quickly as within 24 hours of the interview!

In the past few days, the presidents and CEOs of 16 health and social services institutions and the Association des établissements privés conventionnés, renewed their commitment to building a healthy public network and opened their doors in an effort to welcome nurses and respiratory therapists back to the public network.

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