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New traffic lights on Ancien Combattant to accommodate development

The 40,000 square-foot medical complex owned by Family Medicine Group (FMG) adjacent to the Sainte Anne Hospital is only part of the development plan that will increase traffic on Anciens Combattant.

Traffic lights have been installed on the main throughway of Ancien Combattants Blvd., which acts as a major route for those trying to go between the northern part of Sainte-Anne’s and the southern area near the waterfront.

Thousands of drivers heading between Sainte-Anne’s and Île-Perrot, Hudson and Sainte Lazare also rely on Ancien Combattant to navigate between Highway 40 and Highway 20.

In addition to the medical clinic and hospital, residents of Sainte Anne's can expect the new $300-million seniors' housing project to increase the traffic burden to Ancien Combattant.

West Island News contacted the developer, Square Ste. Anne, but they are not ready for sales at the date of publication. Sainte-Anne's mayor, Paola Hawa, proudly stated in an article in the Gazette during her last election campaign, that this is the largest real estate development project in the city’s history will also be transformative. However, no resolution has passed for the final sale of the land and has not yet been approved by council. According to the SADB Director General stated in a recent council meeting that if the negotiations fall through with the city, the developer will have to remove the sales office that is currently being constructed.

When completed in 2027, the project ,called Square Bellevue, will be comprised of four buildings with 740 housing units, including residential rental units, condominiums, affordable housing, as well as a seniors’ residence. At an average of 1.2 cars per household, that would mean close to 1000 additional cars over and above the medical clinic and the hospital.

Photo: rendering of the four-building, 740-unit, $300-million seniors' housing project



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