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Ecomuseum mourns the loss of Palla, their beloved female Gray Wolf.

With great emotion, the Ecomuseum announced the death of Palla, their female Gray Wolf. Palla came to the Ecomuseum Zoo in 2015 at only three months of age and quickly became a truly special wolf for the team, the volunteers, and the friends of the zoo. Palla had an uncommon ability to adapt to other wolves, other species, and humans. In addition, she seemed to have a sixth sense that allowed her to help the people and animals around her.

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She lived with Gargamel for a long time, a Gray Wolf with severe physical and psychological health issues, and was truly able to help him manage his stress. When the time came to help Missy the Coyote, who was extremely nervous and shy at first, Palla's support allowed her to open up and blossom. This last year, she was living with Akela, a young male Gray Wolf.

Palla will have taken a great hold of the hearts of humans and animals with whom she was in contact during her almost eight years of existence. And despite her quite fragile health, she was still very cheerful and active. The whole team had been very afraid to lose her when she arrived at the zoo as she was suffering from a rare disease that was diagnosed and treated in extremis by the zoo's veterinary team. That was what explained her small size that was so recognizable.

The Ecomuseum received the necropsy results within a few hours of when she passed on Tuesday and were astonished to learn that she had generalized cancer, which was probably very aggressive and invasive. Indeed, even just a few weeks ago, the results of her veterinary examination were normal for her health. Moreover, she did not show any sign of cancer or suffering related to this disease. Animals can sometimes hide signs of weakness, which is proof that she had kept such a natural instinct.

It is too early to say when the Ecomuseum will welcome a possible new roommate for Akela, but they will be working on the best possible solution for his well-being.

Despite the sadness, the zoo wishes to rejoice in the good moments shared with Palla. Do not hesitate to share with the zoo, in comments or in private, your memories or your pictures of Palla so that we can all pay tribute to her and remind ourselves of the primordial role she played in the education and the happiness of the visitors of the Ecomuseum.

SOURCE: Zoo Ecomuseum


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