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Kirkland resident celebrates Chinese culture through breathtaking snow sculptures.

Steven Zhang is entering his third winter as the West Island's most beloved snow sculptor. A remarkable snow dragon and emperor with exceptional detailing stand tall on his front lawn as an homage to Chinese culture and Zhang's home country.

PHOTOS: Facebook, Steven Zhang

This year, he has been inspired by the Chinese lunar year of the rabbit and will be creating a sculpture of the animal. It will join his lawn's illustrious collection of sculptures, and another rabbit sculpture will sit in Kirkland's Meades Park during their winter carnival for all to admire on Saturday. Completing each sculpture with attention and detail takes him about three days, not to mention the adjustments and maintenance required when the temperature fluctuates.

VIDEO: Facebook, Steven Zhang

He is seen working overnight to create the dragon in time for the new year. Zhang shared with the West Island News that he has taken great joy in connecting with community members through his art, and feels their support rallying around him. All are welcome to stop by André-Brunet street in Kirkland to admire his work and ring in the new year.


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