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Montreal-based Mid-Day Squares, Kim Kardashian's Favorite Chocolate Bars, Offer Free Samples at Costco

Montreal-based chocolate bar company, Mid-Day Squares, is set to hit Costco shelves soon. The company, which gained popularity after being mentioned as a favorite of reality TV star Kim Kardashian in a recent Vogue interview, has been working hard to secure a spot in the popular warehouse chain. To help them reach their sales quota, Mid-Day Squares will be giving out free samples at the Pointe-Claire Costco location from March 19-31.

The company is hoping to break a sales record during the promotional event, which will also take place at other Costco locations in the coming months. For those who may not be familiar with Mid-Day Squares, the bars are made with natural, whole food ingredients and come in a variety of flavors, including chocolate caramel crunch, fudge Yah and almond crunch.

The company is proud to be run by young entrepreneurs and is excited for the opportunity to expand its reach through Costco. If you're a fan of Mid-Day Squares, or just looking to try something new, be sure to stop by the Pointe-Claire Costco during their free sample event. And remember, by supporting Mid-Day Squares, you'll not only be enjoying some delicious chocolate bars, but also helping to support a small business.

Help them break the record at the below dates:

QC Pointe-Claire: March 19-31

QC Laval: April 30-May 12

ON Gloucester: May 14-26

ON Etobicoke: June 11-23

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"I still can’t believe that if this goes well, we’ll officially be in Costco! We’ll break the roadshow record and prove that our bars are the GOAT!"


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