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Military exercise to take place in Montreal Wednesday

The Royal Canadian Air Force CF-18, United States Air Force F-15 fighter jets, and two KC-135 tanker aircrafts will conduct North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) training in the airspace over Montreal on Wednesday, May 26, 2021.

The aircraft will be working with the Canadian Air Defence Sector at 22 Wing North Bay, Ont. and civilian air traffic control in the Montreal area to practice cross-border response procedures in high-density airspace. While the aircraft will be operating at a high altitude, people may hear and/or see NORAD-tasked fighter jets in close proximity to a civilian model, military operated airplane simulating the role of an aircraft of interest. As part of the exercise, fighters may also conduct fly pasts at local airports.

This training exercise was developed in close coordination with NAV CANADA, and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and is being conducted under Operation NOBLE EAGLE, the name given to all air sovereignty and air defense missions in North America. The defence of North America is NORAD's top priority, and in order to test responses, systems and equipment, NORAD routinely conducts exercises, all year and in various weather conditions with a variety of scenarios, including airspace restriction violations, hijackings and responding to unknown aircraft.

All NORAD exercises are carefully planned and closely controlled, and are dependent upon weather and operations. This NORAD training event is in no way related to the Government of Canada or United States’ response to COVID-19.

For more than 60 years, NORAD aircraft have identified and intercepted potential air threats to North America in the execution of its aerospace warning and aerospace control missions.

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