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Local MNA Contributes $35,000 to Break Isolation of Seniors and Support the Community

West Island Community Shares is the proud recipient of a generous contribution of $35,000 from Mr. Monsef Derraji, Member for Nelligan, which will help fund two main areas of need for our residents and the West Island community sector: help break isolation of seniors while creating intergenerational links between seniors and teens, and to support the West Island community sector in meeting their need for governance and encouraging community volunteerism.

The mental health of Quebecers has been weakened by the pandemic. Although the general population has seen its habits disrupted by the social distancing measures adopted across the country, two segments of the population are particularly affected: the elderly and adolescents. Through safe but creative measures and by creating intergenerational links to get seniors and teens out of their daily lives, Community Shares and its community groups offering services to youth and seniors will work together to help break the isolation and improve their mental health.

As a result of the health crisis, the West Island community sector has lost a large majority of its volunteers and is looking for new people to fill the need. Thanks to the contribution of Monsef Derraji, West Island Community Shares, in collaboration with Volunteer West Island, will launch a campaign to raise awareness of the critical needs of the community sector and to recruit committed and dedicated volunteers to join the organizations. A youth component of this campaign will be aimed at encouraging young adults to become board members.

« After the difficult period from which we are slowly emerging, it is time to come together and act in a concerted manner to respond favourably to many of the needs that may have been exacerbated during this pandemic. Through Community Shares, I would like to emphasize the importance of strengthening ties and giving the community services ecosystem the power to act. This certainly means targeted actions for our seniors and youth, but also and above all, the need to strengthen the governance mechanisms of the community sector. I have full confidence in Community Shares and its Director, Sophie McCann, and her entire team to create this movement of gathering and cooperation that is at the heart of their mission.’’

Monsef Derraji, Member for Nelligan, Quebec Liberal Party and Deputy Official Opposition House Leader

« As we approach our fiscal year end, we are honored to have the generous support of Monsef Derraji during this difficult time for our community. His significant contribution comes at the perfect time and will help us support the vulnerable populations of the West Island. We are privileged to be able to count not only on Mr. Derraji's financial support, but also on his governance skills as an administrateur agréé de société and his many community and youth involvements.»

Sophie McCann, Executive Director, West Island Community Shares

  • 13 seniors’ residences on the territory of Nelligan

  • Involvement of more than 50 volunteers

  • 7 West Island community organizations involved

  • Over 30 community organizations in need of governance volunteers

The West Island News's Dario De Felice spoke with Mr. Monsef Derraji live to learn more about the program. Watch here:

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