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Learning how to garden for wildlife

Image courtesy of WIX

Hopefully in the next few weeks, it will start to feel warmer and become more spring-like. Until then the Canadian Wildlife Federation is offering a free program to help you learn how to set up any outdoor space to support local wildlife.

The free program is running until April 30th, 2022 where it will teach all of its participants to create an outdoor space that can benefit Canada's many wildlife, pollinators, birds, and more.

In the first week, participants will learn wildlife-friendly gardening basics. The second week will teach you all about Canadian wildlife, the third week will explain the differences between native and invasive plants, and in the fourth week, a CWF gardener will share some gardening techniques and tips.

Lastly, in the fifth week, participants will have the chance to visit a garden that has been certified by the Canadian Wildlife Federation and will learn how to cultivate their very own certified garden.

Registration closes on February 21st. To register, visit


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