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Jamie Orchard launches The Second Act Project

For many years, we welcomed Montrealer Jamie Orchard into our homes as a news anchor for Global Montreal. Last July, when a decision was made to anchor her show out of Toronto, Jamie found herself saying goodbye to what she calls, her "first act".

The West Island Blog caught up with Jamie to hear about her newest endeavour: The Second Act Project (SAP).

The Second Act Project is a blog that offers a safe space filled with inspiring stories of courage, compassion & kindness, in the face of life’s changes. Life can present new sets of challenges as we age, and sometimes we all need a little inspiration (and a community) to keep going.

Watch as she shares what she's learned since moving on from Global, what she hopes to cover in her blog and what she is up to now:

About The Second Act Project

The Second Act Project aims to create a community of people supporting each other in their efforts to start over, start something new, or start a wave of change.

The SAP will shed light on human stories that are often overlooked and undervalued, and we hope that it will become a destination where people can turn to find a mentor, and a friend to help them achieve their highest possible success.

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