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Increase of stolen vehicles in the West Island

Every year, approximately 80,000 vehicles were reported stolen in Canada. Close to 12,000 of those vehicles are reported in Quebec. (SOURCE)

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There has been an uptick in reports of stolen vehicles around the West Island. Specifically about Honda CR-Vs. In posts on Facebook community groups made by concerned citizens, these vehicles seem to vanish from public parking lots as well as personal driveways without a trace.

Some experts say that these thefts are caused by the part shortage and manufacturing issues that have been caused by the pandemic.

The most stolen vehicles by percentage remain high-end Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs), specifically the Lexus brand, which make up five of the top six stolen cars. The Honda CR-V is the most stolen car in absolute numbers, but that's because it's also one of the top-selling cars in Canada.

Modern thieves use electronic equipment to bypass keyless entry and alarm systems, though most vehicles are stolen using more traditional means, like forcing locks.

These vehicles are highly sought after in Africa and Eastern Europe and are likely already on a shipping container just days after being stolen.

In May of 2021, Montreal police had intercepted a vehicle theft ring that was responsible for shipping stolen vehicles overseas, though it seems the crime has continued to grow since. (SOURCE)

The SPVM recommends adding extra security to your vehicle if possible to deter thieves from taking your vehicle, though the rise of vehicle thefts may not slow down until issues within the supply chain are addressed. (SOURCE)

If you believe your vehicle has been stolen, be sure to contact emergency services right away. The sooner you do so, the more likely you will be able to recover your vehicle. Be sure to report it to your insurance company as well as your finance and leasing company.

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