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I tried the Cineplex D-Box and was on the edge of my seat...literally

Image courtesy of WIX

I had been waiting to see the new Spiderman movie for a long time, once it came to theatres I got Covid, then movie theatres closed needless to say I wanted, no, needed to have the greatest experience while watching the action-packed Spiderman; No Way Home.

While looking for tickets on the Cineplex website I notice that there were options for something called "D-Box". I was curious as to why the theatres were charging $21.55 for these special seats that supposedly move with the movie. I splurged on tickets, called up my boyfriend and headed to the movies.

The seats are not hard to miss, they are bright red, close to the top and right in the middle aisles. They were not as comfortable as the normal seats, I assume because all the moving parts that are inside.

I was expecting a little movement for some actions scene but I was wrong. Hold onto your drink and popcorn because with the intensity set all the way your whole body jolts around with virtually every movement of the camera and Spiderman.

The experience was extremely fun, I stepped out of that theatre wanting to do it all over again. I do recommend buying the "D-Box" seats in your second viewing since at some points it can get a bit distracting.

Overall I highly recommend trying out the special moving seats at the Cineplex in Kirkland if you have the extra dollar to spend and remember to hold on tight!


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