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How to build an outdoor rink at home

Since movie theatres are closed and after-school activities have been canceled there's not much to do to keep your kids entertained or active. Try building a DIY outdoor rink right in your backyard!

Image curtesy of Unsplash

Here are the steps to build your very outdoor rink:

Step 1:

Find a level ground area in your front or backyard where you will map out the space for the rink.

Step 2:

Grab some wood (or anything that can be used as a board) to act as a border for your rink. *Tip: make sure to seal it up tight so no water leaks out*

Step 3:

Place a tarp down that is large enough to cover the entire boarded-up area and a little more. The tarp will hold the water creating a smooth area for it to freeze.

Step 4:

Flooding! Time to get the hose and fill up the water until it's about 2 inches high. This will take some time so grab some hot cocoa and wait about 2-3 days for the water to fully freeze.

*Tip: Fill your rink when you know the weather won't go above freezing*

Step 5:

Lace up your skates and enjoy your new personal outdoor skating rink!

If you want to learn how to keep the ice smooth, check out our article "DIY Zmaboni for your homemade rink"


If everything fails at least you had an activity to do with your kids for a few days, plus you can always visit one of the many public outdoor rinks in your city!



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