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How this Montreal doctor is expressing her discontent at early construction start times

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A Montreal Doctor is expressing her discontent with construction throughout the city. In a petition uploaded to by Safina Adatia, it is being requested that the start time of construction work be pushed up by one hour.

At this present time, construction work is able to begin in residential areas in Montreal as of 7 am, however preliminary, preparation work can commence as early as 6 am. On weekends, construction start times are pushed back and commence at 9 am. Prep work begins at 8 am.

In her petition, Dr. Adatia highlights the fact that in other parts of the world such as the UK, construction work is entirely prohibited before 8 am.

As a physician, Dr. Adatia was quick to express her concern in regards to the negative physical and mental health effects that can be brought on by lack of sleep or poor quality of sleep.

"As a family physician in training, I know first hand that lack of sleep and decreased quality of sleep leads to detrimental health effects such as excessive daytime sleepiness and impaired memory, along with long term effects such as increased risks for diabetes, high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease. Many of these construction projects are long-term, taking years before completion."
- Dr. Safina Adatia,

Dr. Adatia instead proposes a later construction start time of 8 am, and 9 am on Saturdays. According to Adatia, "this will provide residents the chance to remain undisturbed, and still allow construction workers to arrive before traffic builds." (SOURCE)



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