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Free rapid COVID-19 tests are going to be available at nearly 2,000 Quebec pharmacies.

The government confirmed on Tuesday that Quebecers will be able to claim free rapid COVID-19 tests from around 1,900 pharmacies across the province.

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In a press release from the Quebec government, it is said that the rollout of these tests will begin on Monday, December 20th, and will be widely available in the coming weeks.

Individuals will be able to claim 5 free tests within a period of 30 days while supplies last, and will remain free until March 31st.

Quebec elementary and preschool students are also set to receive a bag of five rapid tests each. The distribution of these tests comes as the province prepares for the impact of the Omicron variant.

Also on Tuesday, Minister Dubé asked employers in the province to once again begin working from home if possible, to limit contacts and the potential spread of Omicron.

Quebec reported 1,747 new COVID-19 cases on December 14 — the 14th consecutive day where there were more than 1,000 new cases.

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