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Former paramedic has lived the life-threatening consequences of a suffering healthcare system.

"Had we arrived at the hospital anywhere from 20-35 minutes later, we would have lost my daughter." A former paramedic from Pierrefonds, Daniel Garvin speaks out following his family's traumatic health crisis.

Daniel Garvin put his 33 years of paramedic experience to use in a life-saving way. On November 8th, his daughter experienced a nearly fatal ruptured ectopic pregnancy. He had to take matters into his own hands when learning that the emergency response time was not nearly fast enough to get her the life-saving care she needed. Reflecting upon the haunting experience, the Pierrefonds resident discusses the failures of our healthcare system while honoring the valiant and talented professionals within the field. He approaches the ongoing challenges of healthcare with insight and perspective as a former frontline healthcare worker and presents solutions. Garvin is currently a volunteer, instructor and honor guard for Urgences-Santé.

0:00-2:15: Signs and symptoms of a ruptured ectopic pregnancy.

2:15-8:30: 9-11 response and arrival at the Lakeshore General Hospital.

8:30-15:14: Problems and solutions for an underfunded healthcare system.

15:14-16:54: Closing remarks.

A special thank you to Daniel Garvin for his kindness, insight and courage.

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