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Dorval unveils mural by local artist with an eco-friendly message.

Urban artist Peter Gibson, a.k.a. "Roadsworth," was asked to paint a mural for the Dorval Library's activity room in honor of the city's environmentally conscious goals. The official unveiling of this piece is scheduled for Friday, March 8, at 2:30 p.m., and is open to the public.

PHOTO: Ville de Dorval

For twenty years, "Roadsworth," an artist based in Montreal, has been producing ground paintings, murals, installations, and urban interventions in a range of public and private settings. His works have been commissioned worldwide.

The mural in the library emphasizes the wonders of nature and forges a visual connection with the arboretum, which is visible via the windows of the space. It also symbolizes the City's dedication to maintaining the habitat of birds in the Dorval region. The Friends of the Dorval Library contributed to the financing of this renovation.

For information about the event, call the Library at 514 633-4170. For information about “Roadsworth” and his works, visit the artist’s website at

SOURCE: Ville de Dorval


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