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Dogs at Animatch up for adoption this month

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Be sure to take a scroll through the available pups up for adoption at Animatch this month. These fur babies are looking for their forever families, and you may very well be the perfect fit!


Dibs - Female - Husky X- 1 1/2 Years Old

Image courtesy of Animatch

Dibs was adopted a while ago but wasn't the right match for the family. She is a happy, exuberant dog who loves everyone. She greets new friends with her front paws placed squarely on their shoulders. Her family put a lot of energy into this, but she is still a work in progress.

She gets along with other dogs but plays rough. Dibs has a strong prey drive, so no cats. She loves the great outdoors and everything that can be done there; walking, hiking, running. After some obedience training, she would love to try agility or any other dog sport. She is also a champion digger, and not a candidate for apartments or condos. A large, fenced yard would be wonderful. Kaila - Female - Mixed Breed - 9 Months Old

Image courtesy of Animatch

At nine months old, Kaila has already had at least three homes. A Good Samaritan finally said "enough is enough" and brought her to Animatch. The family that adopts her must realize two things:

1. She is still a rambunctious adolescent, and 2. You are the fourth or fifth stopover in her short life. You have to be the last one.

The first weeks in your home must be filled with routine, consistency, and clear boundaries. This is in addition to love and patience. A refresher in toilet training will probably be required. Kaila isn't a candidate for apartments or condos. She could live with a calm dog who can tolerate her hijinks. Cats are out of the question. Max Blue - Male - Mixed Breed - 2 Years Old

Image courtesy of Animatch

Max Blue hails from Whapmagoostui. He arrived with an injured foot and spent a month in quarantine. He's now ready to move on and into his forever home. He could live with older, sturdy children who can take a tumble or two. Female dogs are okay, but it's always open season on cats.

Max Blue needs lots of exercise, both physical and mental, every day. Obedience classes would make him a joy to walk. He's sweet, curious, and a little shy. It takes a few minutes for him to warm up, but then he's in like Flint. This handsome boy with hypnotic eyes is looking for his new BFF. Could it be you? Duncan - Male - Mixed Breed (Armenia) - 2 Years Old

Image courtesy of Animatch

Faithful Hearts International rescued Duncan from the streets of Armenia, but they couldn't save his leg. But this young man with the soulful eyes is ready to put his remaining paw forward and move on from here.

It's important for Duncan to have strong core muscles for good balance and to prevent strain on his remaining legs. Short walks a few times a day would be easier and better for him. He will also have to avoid extra weight. He gets along with other dogs and older children, both of which shouldn't bowl him over. Doesn't he sound just wonderful?


For more information on Dibs, Kaila, Max Blue, Duncan, or any of the other dogs available for adoption, go to

SOURCE: Animatch

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