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Beware: West Island photographers and vendors are getting scammed online

A recent scam is allegedly being executed targeting wedding photographers and vendors. The alleged scammer is retrieving targets’ information via social media and contacting them asking to book their services for a wedding in order to receive banking and contact information.

The soliciting messages are asking vendors for their services with specification of the date, venue, location and schedule of events for the big day.

When asked to set up a meeting, the photographers and vendors who fall victim to the scam are told that the prospective client is out of town and does not have “good phone service”.

Photographers and vendors standard procedure is to ask for a deposit, where the alleged scammer then states they will send the deposit once the vendors send their “deposit mailing information” as well as their email and phone number.

The alleged scammer then states that they have sent the payment and asks whether it has been received, but the vendors and photographers never receive this payment.

Beware of receiving messages from social media with this exact format. According to the source, it has been happening to many.

SOURCE: A West Island News follower that would like to remain anonymous.


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