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Beignet business a local chef's dreams realized.

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

A local chef meets entrepreneur began Didi's Beignets, and has been selling delicious sour-cream beignets with flavours ranging from birthday cake to rhubarb and key-lime pie ever since. The founder of Didi's, Audrey Morissette, is a professional chef and mom of 3 young children. She has been baking these treats for family and friends for over 10 years and is now sharing her secrets for the West Island's enjoyment.

Each beignet is crafted by hand and made fresh to order. They are sour cream-based and made with organic Quebec flour. Didi's Beignets offer different varieties depending on the season; she has served up lemon, maple syrup and pumpkin spice as seasonal flavours.

"The beignets can be had at any time of the day because they are not overly sweet. Customers buy them for brunches, business gatherings, desserts, picnics, celebrations, etc," Audrey shared. Check out to find out more.


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