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2nd Dragon Boat Race Fundraiser brings in over $111,000 for Lakeshore Oncology Department.

On August 26, the Lakeshore General Hospital Foundation held its second Annual Dragon Boat Race, which collected over $111,000 for the hospital's oncology department.

PHOTO: Kevin Raftery - PCJ Sport Photography

Four teams competed in the inaugural event last year, which raised more than $40,000. Over 200 people attended the tournament this year, featuring ten teams. The money raised will allow the Lakeshore General Hospital's more than 4,400 oncology patients to begin receiving massage therapy. Interventions utilizing massage therapy can satisfy the psychosocial requirements of cancer patients and lessen the symptoms and adverse effects of treatment.

The Lakeshore General Hospital Foundation's managing director, Nathalie Kamel, is ecstatic about the event's expansion: “To have more than doubled our participation and our fundraising in only our second year is a tremendous achievement. Many people have been touched by cancer, either through their own experience or a loved one’s. And we are proud to be able to host such a fun event to increase awareness and support our oncology team. We want to thank our corporate teams JFL/Harbourvest and Strathmore, as well as all our participants, donors, volunteers and supporters of the event."

PHOTO: Kevin Raftery - PCJ Sport Photography

Left to right: Nathalie Kamel, Foundation Managing Director, Dr. Fiore Lalla, Foundation Board Co-Chair, Dr. Gerry Polyrhonopoulos, Foundation Board Member & race participant.

SOURCE: Lakeshore General Hospital Foundation


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