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West Island road closures that will bleed into the fall.

At a presentation on the municipal and provincial road construction projects on Thursday, Mobilité Montréal listed some of the main traffic snarls anticipated for this fall. Overall, 51 infrastructure projects—the same number as this summer—will slow down or halt traffic flows. Only five of the projects are brand-new; the others are extensions of ongoing activity.

Here are some closures you may already be familiar with that will be seen through into the fall:

Île-aux-Tourtes Bridge: The aging Île-aux-Tourtes Bridge will only have two lanes available in each direction while strengthening work is being done. However, they were unable to provide a date when they would be able to establish a third lane in the direction of rush-hour traffic. Weekends and nights may also see partial closures.

Highway 40 eastbound between Morgan and St-Charles Blvds.:

Up until December, the road will still be under construction. There will be two lanes going the other way and three lanes open for rush hour traffic.

Highway 40 at the des Pins Rd. Overpass: For the next three weekends, all or the majority of the lanes on Highway 40 going in either direction must be closed due to construction on the overpass in Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue. Highway 20 is suggested for motorists to use instead. The road in Ste-Anne's that connects the two motorways, Des Anciens-Combattants Blvd., will also be shut down.

SOURCE: Mobilité Montréal


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