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Beacon Hill volunteers and their famous chili made for a memorable Corn Roast.

The Beacon Hill Community Association's neighborhood volunteers were hard at work concocting the famous Beacon Hill chili this past Saturday. They were following a special secret recipe that had been passed down in the community for years.

According to Tracy Petzke, President of the Association, you have to earn the chili recipe by volunteering to be a chili chef for the event and are then sort of sworn to secrecy.

"The people who have volunteered often make the recipe throughout the year for their families, and it has become a favorite of many. The chili is famous in Beacon Hill and was originally the recipe of the mother-in-law of a past Beacon Hill Community Association President. It has been handed down ever since, and we are on probably the 4th generation of chili cooks," she added.

The chili was the star of the menu at the Beacon Hill Corn Roast, where a gathering of community members reminisced about their fond memories of the event. Almost 30 years after the first Corn Roast, the community continues the tradition, which would not have been possible without the help of close to 100 volunteers. Back and better than ever after a pandemic hiatus, the event promised live entertainment, games, and ample corn, with the volunteers husking 45 dozen for the occasion.

The Beacon Hill Community Association was founded in 1964 by the original homeowners in the area. The event was in collaboration with the City of Beaconsfield and numerous local sponsors who made the event possible. This year's sponsors were Metro Beaconsfield, Home Depot Pointe-Claire, and Steve's Music Store in D.D.O.


"While the chili and its recipe are very special, the true gem is how people come together so that we are more than just a neighborhood, but rather a community," shared Petzke.

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