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Are you looking to adopt? You could give these Animatch doggos their fur-ever homes.

Animatch is a non-profit dog adoption organization that provides its services to the Greater Montreal Area. If you are seeking a loving companion and have the time and dedication it takes to welcome a new four-legged friend into your family, Animatch can help you find the best fit.

Here are the adoptees in need of some TLC this month.


PHOTO: Animatch

Cardi's family in Chisasibi didn't have enough time for an energetic girl like her, so they made the difficult decision to let Animatch find her a new, forever home with an active family. She'd like to be included in lots of their activities and would shine in obedience classes. Cardi needs lots of walks and play sessions daily and shouldn't spend too much time alone. She gets along with other dogs but definitely can't live with cats. Cardi is looking for humans who will help her become the best dog ever and can commit to her for the next ten to fifteen years.


PHOTO: Animatch

Dickie's family couldn't cope with his anxious nature and dominant behavior. His big problem was resource guarding - his bed, couch, and food on the floor. He responded to corrections with a growl and then a snap. He was in need of some serious attitude adjustments, so he has now spent a few weeks with an experienced Foster Mom, and here is part of her update on him:

Dickie has come a long way. His resource guarding is a non-issue, and his separation anxiety is slowly getting better. On walks, he scoops up everything on the ground, so he is now wearing a Gentle Leader and is learning "drop it" and "leave it." Dickie knows how to sit, stay, and wait and is working on his recall. He would thrive in a multi-person family where at least one person is home most of the time. He is currently living with four other dogs but would also be fine on his own. Dickie will be an excellent addition to an experienced family.


PHOTO: Animatch

Jessica is a world traveler who came to us from Armenia. She is affectionate, smart, and energetic, with an emphasis on the latter. Her Terrier genes are strong. She's looking for an active family that will take her on long walks, play ball and frisbee with her, and try some more organized activities like obedience classes and agility. She's waiting impatiently for you to fill out the form and ask for her.


PHOTO: Animatch

Sweetie is at Animatch because she has luxating patellas (trick knees), and her family couldn't afford the surgery. She is too young but is ready to go to her forever family. Animatch will call her back at around one year old, and regular exercise will strengthen her muscles in the meantime. Sweetie is smart and energetic and would excel in obedience classes. She shows signs of resource guarding with her bed and toys, so the family that adopts her will have to work on that. We'd like Sweetie to go to an experienced family that knows the breed. For more information on Cardi, Dickie, Jessica, Sweetie, or any of the other dogs available for adoption, go to --

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