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Animatch adoptees searching for homes.

With moving season upon us, more and more animals are being abandoned or put up for adoption. Thankfully at Animatch, adoption is the only option, and they are committed to finding loving homes for these pups!


Harvey enjoys going on long walks and is currently mastering the art of walking on a leash. With some patience and guidance, he will become an expert in no time. He would do well as a single child; he tolerates but isn't keen on other dogs. As for his interaction with children, Harvey would be fine with kids who respect small dogs and understand how to interact with them gently and responsibly.

Although Harvey may require a refresher in toilet training, with patience and consistency from his new owner, he will adapt and learn quickly. Just look at his anxious expression—he can't wait for his forever human to come along and provide him with the loving home he deserves.


Phoebe, a resilient dog who has overcome suspected abuse, is currently staying with one of Animatch's dedicated Foster Moms as she waits for her forever home. Fortunately, there is no permanent physical damage, and Phoebe has made progress in various areas. She has calmed down, and the issue of submissive peeing has been resolved. However, she is not fond of having her nails clipped and may show her teeth in protest. Patience, persistence, and gentle care will be required to help her become more comfortable with this grooming procedure.

The good news is that Phoebe no longer needs to be crated at night or when left alone. She has shown that she can be trusted in the home without causing any major destruction. While she likes to scatter shoes, she does not destroy them. However, mail and packaging items may still catch her attention.

During walks, Phoebe still pulls on the leash and barks at new things, but she is gradually becoming more accustomed to familiar sights. She gets along well with other dogs and might be suitable for a home with a cat that understands and is comfortable around dogs. However, her natural instincts make her inclined to chase smaller animals. Phoebe doesn't bark excessively inside the house, but new and unfamiliar things can trigger her barking. It will be important to provide her with a calm and stable environment to help her adjust and feel secure.


Saint Jack, a one-year-old gentle giant, was unfortunately given up by his previous owner, who could no longer care for him. At his current stage, he has received minimal training, so there is work to be done to shape him into a well-behaved canine citizen.

One of the areas where Saint Jack requires improvement is leash behavior. He is beginning to learn that dragging people along is not enjoyable but continued training and consistency will be necessary for him to become comfortable and well-behaved on a leash. An adult home or one with older children would be the best match for Saint Jack. Due to the drooling and year-round shedding common in his breed, it's important to note that a pristine house may not be achievable with Saint Jack as part of the family.

However, for someone who values the qualities of this breed and understands their care needs, Saint Jack can become the gentle giant that brings joy to everyone around him. He is looking for someone with experience and commitment to provide him with the training, guidance, and love required to shape him into a well-rounded companion.


Linen, along with her mother Eve and littermates, has arrived and is eagerly searching for a loving home. She is a playful and trainable pup who gets along well with other dogs. While she hasn't had much exposure to cats, being young means she is still open to learning about them.

Training Linen will be a breeze, especially when liver treats are involved. She responds well to positive reinforcement and is eager to please her new family. However, due to her age, it is important that she is not left alone for extended periods of time. A few hours at a time should be the maximum to ensure her well-being and happiness.

When it comes to children, they should be sturdy and able to handle Linen's energy and playfulness. It's crucial for parents to understand that for a few months, Linen will go through a teething phase and may use her teeth on everything and everyone. To redirect her chewing behavior, an assortment of chew toys is recommended. Alongside the toys, a generous dose of love, commitment, patience, and consistency will help Linen grow into a well-behaved and cherished companion.

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SOURCE/PHOTOS: Animatch Dog Adoption.


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