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10 free activities to do with your children before summer is over

There are many fun and engaging activities you can enjoy with kids during the summer that won't cost you anything. Here are some free activities you can try:

  1. Visit local parks: Spend a day at nearby parks with playgrounds, walking trails, or open spaces for picnics and outdoor games.

  2. Organize a scavenger hunt: Create a scavenger hunt with a list of items for kids to find in your backyard or around the neighborhood. It's a great way to keep them entertained and engaged.

  3. Have a family movie night: Choose a favorite movie or set up a backyard movie theater using a projector or a blanket fort indoors. Pop some popcorn and enjoy a cozy evening together.

  4. Go on a nature walk: Explore nature trails, forests, or nature reserves in your area. Take along a guidebook or use smartphone apps to identify birds, plants, and insects.

  5. Visit the library: Many public libraries offer free summer reading programs for kids. Encourage them to participate and borrow books they're interested in.

  6. Have a DIY craft day: Collect recyclable materials, such as cardboard boxes, egg cartons, and bottle caps, and challenge kids to create their own crafts. Look for ideas online or let their imagination run wild.

  7. Host a backyard camping adventure: Set up a tent in the backyard and create a camping experience. Roast marshmallows, tell stories, and gaze at the stars.

  8. Have a water balloon or water gun fight: Cool down on hot summer days with a water balloon toss or a friendly water gun battle in the backyard.

  9. Attend local community events: Check out local community calendars for free summer events such as outdoor concerts, art festivals, or farmers markets. Many towns organize free family-friendly activities during the summer months.

  10. Learn a new skill or hobby: Teach your kids a new skill or hobby, such as drawing, painting, cooking, or playing a musical instrument. Look up tutorials or find resources at your local library.

Remember, spending quality time together and creating lasting memories is what matters most. These free activities provide opportunities for fun, learning, and bonding with your kids during the summer months.



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