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Adopt don't shop: these rescues in Montreal are always seeking forever families

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The Coronavirus pandemic has been taxing on people everywhere. Often, we forget that the virus has had and continues to have detrimental effects on our animal populations as well.

In the new year, as you seek out a potential new addition to your family, consider adopting before shopping. There are so many animals who have already been brought into our world, seeking love, care, and safety. Breeding animals can be dangerous and pose many health risks for all animals involved.

If you're looking to adopt, but aren't really sure where to start, we've got you covered. These animal rescues in and around Montreal came highly recommended by the community.


Gerdy's Rescues & Adoptions

Directed by Gerdy Cox-Gouron, Gerdy's is a registered non-profit and charity. Supported by a network of volunteers and animal activists, Gerdy's is a grassroots initiative that relies on the support of the public to function.

"The success we’ve had to date in finding homes reflects our honest and open approach. What guides us is our desire to do “what’s best for the animals” at all times. We offer full disclosure of any past, known, or continuing medical condition." (SOURCE)

For more information on adoption, click HERE.

Rosie Animal Adoption

Founded in 2001, Rose Animal Adoption is the result of a collaborative effort between two friends who had both been volunteers at animal shelters.

Joining forces, they have created a rescue program and facilitated the rehoming of animals for more than twenty years.

Adopting a dog with Rosie ensures endless support throughout the transition process. As you welcome your new pet into your home, the staff and volunteers with Rosie Animal Adoption promise to serve and support you along the way tp ensure a safe and smooth transition.

"We hope to eventually eliminate the need for any and all adoption programs as the public becomes more educated. It is imperative as members of this group and pet lovers in general that we make every effort to care for pets." (SOURCE)

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Rescue All Dogs

It may seem trivial, but it's important for me to point out. Of all the rescues on this list, Rescue All Dogs has some of the best marketing and "Instagrammable" content, and there's a very good reason for it.

Rescue All Dogs originally began as a merchandise store that donated its profits to rescues and shelters in need. Since 2018, Rescue All Dogs has evolved into its own rescue service.

Using a volunteer-based network of fosters, veterinarians, and trainers, RAD commits itself to thorough care and evaluation of every set of paws that walks through its doors.

To see the available dogs up for adoption, click HERE.


Founded more than 20 years ago by Helen Lacroix at her kitchen table, Animatch has grown into a center that can accommodate dozens of dogs as they search for their forever home.

"We would like to emphasize that, although our center is well organized and maintained for the comfort of our Adoptees, this is not where they are meant to be. Upon entering the center many animals are often confused, stressed, and in some cases, badly undernourished. We need to make their transition to a regular environment as simple as possible." (SOURCE)

It is worth mentioning that although Animatch has only a few adoptions up at a time, it is highly recommended to submit an application anyway. When the perfect match comes along, you will be contacted.

Visit Animatch online today.

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Rescue Dogs Lebanon - Canada

Founder Cynthia, alongside a team of volunteers and friends, works tirelessly to ensure the safety and wellbeing of dogs in Lebanon who have been abandoned, abused and found as strays.

The network of volunteers is based out of Beirut, Toronto, and Montreal. Once a dog has been matched to its forever home, it then travels to either Montreal or Toronto to meet its new family.

"We are committed to finding the best homes for our dogs. We act with full transparency and adhere to the highest standards of moral and ethical values.

We keep in touch and, regularly, provide updates on the well-being of our furry family members." (SOURCE)

Dog groomers and veterinarians in Montreal sing the praises of the dogs and puppies from Rescue Dogs Lebanon, and we are sure you'll do the same if you choose to bring one of their animals into your home.

For more information, visit

Roy and Cher's Rescue Farm

Based just outside of Qubecin Eastern Ontario, Roy and Cher's Rescue Farm is home to cats, rabbits, and even horses. The rescue takes a vegan-based approach to its mission, and as such focuses on the reduction of harm, and the elimination of abuse.

If you're looking to add a new member to your family but live in an apartment with certain animal restrictions, a cat or rabbit from Roy and Cher's Rescue Farm may be the perfect fit.

"Roy and Cher's will always be a cruelty-free organization. The human consumption of animal meat or animal bi-products is not encouraged. Suede, leather, or any other products made from animals are not purchased." (SOURCE)

To pay Roy and Cher's Rescue Farm a visit, head to


Do you have a successful rescue story you'd like to share? Be sure to connect with us in the comments!

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