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A warning to small businesses and homes in the downtown Montreal area

Courtesy of Facebook group Everything Westmount

A man has been wandering around the Westmount, St. Henri, Verdun, and NDG area attempting to break into small businesses and homes. He has been caught on camera returning to the same places repeatedly.

There also have been cases of the man trying to break into homes in NDG while people are in or just outside their homes. There is footage of the man attempting to open the doors and when successful, he steals from cash registers and jewelry boxes. Police have been notified but no arrest has been made at the time of publishing.

"He tried breaking into my shop twice but thankfully had no luck."
- Local Witness

A community member shared with West Island News that she was upstairs when she heard the noise and went to see what it was, luckily, he walked away when he realized she had seen him. The witness managed to get some video footage from her security cameras.

Another small business owner shared on Facebook that the burglar was able to break in on three separate occasions and steal the money from the cash register even after having changed the locks. Once again Westmount police were notified, and two police reports have been filed but no person has been taken into custody.

This man seems to rob without wearing a mask and has been seen riding around on a stolen turquoise bicycle. According to a source who knows the man, the thief has recently been released from jail and is allegedly abusive to women.

Please spread the word to small businesses in the area and try to share as much information as possible to stop this man from continuing.

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