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A New Sustainable Neighborhood Development in Saint-Lazare

View of the construction site from the corner of Sébastien and Crystal streets

This last June, a new project started in St-Lazare: the beginning of the construction of a sustainable neighborhood development that will connect with the streets Bonaventure, du Crystal and Sébastien. The preliminary work is conducted by Pavages Vaudreuil Ltée. Here is a summary of this project, it’s advantages, the work being done so far and what is the planned schedule.

About the project

Concerning this project, the Director of Communications and Public Relations Christelle Paré is cheerful:

“A beautiful little project combining green and residential.”

According to her, this residential project will have over forty doors and will include ecological installations.

“To approve the project, the city had required the development of a retention basin to ensure sound water management, the development of an ecological border along the land of the sandpit (to the south), in addition to the extension of the pedestrian and equestrian trail, as well as an important buffer strip on the west side to protect nesting birds," stated Moreover, the Director of Urban Planning and Environment Alexandra Lemieux. "All identified wetlands must be fully protected, in addition to a protective strip 10 meters wide around them. Also, in terms of deforestation, only a proportion of 30% of the land can be deforested, inside which must be the house, the vehicle entrance, the septic installation, the swimming pool, the shed, etc. Electricity distribution lines will be placed along the streets, in front of the lot, in order to avoid the additional felling of trees.”

This project goes along with the eco-friendly goals that the city has regarding eco-urban planning.

View of the construction site from the Bonaventure street

What are the other advantages of this project?

“The project will allow the addition of 40 new single-family residences, the closure of several existing streets to ensure better circulation of ambulances, fire trucks, school buses, waste collection services, in addition to formalizing the recreational pathways that once crossed the land informally," explained Lemieux.

What work is being done so far?

The field is being prepared by felling trees, installing the aqueduct and sewers. Director of Urban Planning and Environment Alexandra Lemieux stated that streets are being constructed as well.

View of the construction site from the corner of Sébastien and Crystal streets (further distance)

What is the schedule of this project?

“Infrastructure work is under construction (water network, street, drainage). Without prejudice, the work should be completed by the end of 2023. Once the provisional acceptance of the work by the city, building permits can begin to be issued," clarified Lemieux.

She also mentioned that it is not possible to tell when the residential construction will end and that it will depend of the duration of the preliminary work.

Sources: Town of Saint Lazare


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