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A new court in Quebec aims to better serve survivors of sexual assault

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In a press release last week, the Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Quebec announced the official adoption of Bill 92, "An Act to create a specialized tribunal in matters of sexual violence and domestic violence." (SOURCE)

The goal, in adopting Bill 92 is to ensure better and more adequate resources to survivors of sexual and domestic violence. The bill not only aims to assist survivors through any legal action taken but also seeks to support them throughout their journey towards healing.

The implementation of the specialized court will take place across time as a number of pilot projects in five judicial districts within the province. The pilot project process is projected to last approximately three years. The ultimate goal is to ensure the best possible practices and strategies are applied throughout all of Quebec.

The passing of the bill will also ensure that all those working within or in collaboration with this new court will be provided all training and education necessary to best serve survivors of sexual and domestic violence.

“Today, we are sending a clear message to people who are victims of sexual violence and domestic violence: you have been heard. Sexual violence and domestic violence have no place in our society and we no longer want victims in Quebec to be reluctant to report and file a complaint. The adoption of Bill 92 marks a turning point and a major cultural change for the justice system in Quebec. This makes us the first state in the world to set up a specialized tribunal for both sexual violence and domestic violence, and we are very proud of it."
- Simon Jolin-Barrette
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