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4 proven benefits of liquid chlorophyll

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If you’re like me and have a difficult time getting your greens in every day, I may have found the solution. I was scouring the internet, doing one of my usual deep dives through the cyber abyss of all things “at-home-remedy” and “natural-cures” when I came across the world of chlorophyll water.

Chlorophyll is the pigment that gives plants their bright green color. In its concentrated liquid form, it has been proven to provide a multitude of benefits. I drank chlorophyll water for a week, and here are the main changes I noticed.

Clarifying blemishes

The clarifying benefits of chlorophyll for your skin were the reason I turned to it initially, but as you continue down the list, you’ll see all the reasons I stayed. I frantically turned to the web when my face flared up in an irritating breakout, and Google said chlorophyll could be the answer.

I definitely noticed a difference in my skin. Was it as drastic as I anticipated? No. But I was able to see an overall smoother complexion, a diminishment in redness, and fewer blemishes generally.


This was definitely the most pleasant surprise that arose on my journey with liquid chlorophyll. I have a long and tumultuous history with digestion, and over the course of this last year, the struggle has escalated.

Without being crass, I have tried everything that can be tried to help get things moving during my trips to the washroom; coffee, prunes, fiber-rich cereals, and even over-the-shelf supplements, and nothing has ever fully worked for me. I can confidently say that my daily chlorophyll water combined with the aforementioned solutions did wonders for my digestive system and in turn for my mood.

Natural deodorant

This was not a benefit I personally noticed, because it’s not something I’ve suffered with, but in research on liquid chlorophyll this one came up too often to be a coincidence.

Liquid chlorophyll has proven to act as a deodorizing agent; not only for your underarms but also for your breath and even your urine. Quite literally, it detoxifies you from the inside out.

Staying hydrated

This one was actually a benefit by proxy, but I feel it worth mentioning because it’s probably what made me feel better the most overall. When you buy a 20$ to 30$ bottle of liquid chlorophyll (don't fret, it will last you upwards of 6 months), and you’re adding it to your water each day, you best believe you don’t want to watch that water get poured down the drain.

I am the worst when it comes to making sure I drink water. I’m infamous for filling my bottle in the morning, throwing it in some obscure corner of my room, forgetting it’s there for the next three days, and then dumping that same full bottle out a week later.

Adding chlorophyll into the mix changed that. I found myself way more motivated to keep track of my water bottle’s whereabouts, as well as the amount of water I was actually taking in. I’ve mentioned this before, but I’ll say it again; staying hydrated can truly make all the difference in how you feel throughout the day. Our bodies are made up of 70% water. It’s no wonder we feel better when we replenish that resource.

So what’s my recipe?

I fill my 16oz water bottle every morning and add 4 drops of liquid chlorophyll (most bottles come with a dropper). This stuff is extremely potent, so my general rule is "less is more." You can of course personalize this to your tastes and preferences, and you can even add lemonade, slices of citrus, cucumber, or other fruit to add a bit of flavor.

If I can make one suggestion, seek out the plain chlorophyll. Often times you'll find it flavored with mint, but it's a bit too artificial tasting for my personal preferences.

I purchased my liquid chlorophyll from Papillon Foods in the Pointe-Claire Plaza, but you can also find some for a reasonable price on Amazon.

What have been your experiences with chlorophyll water? Let us know in the comments!

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