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10 news years goals for children

Kids might have a tough time managing their resolutions, especially if they’re related to healthy habits or school. So, be prepared to encourage, track, and reward your child for making progress toward their goal. Whether you’re hoping to make New Year’s resolutions

as a family, or your child asks you how to make one, here are a few ideas.

1. Read a chapter or a set number of pages before bed

Tip: Encourage your child with books you enjoyed as a kid or with other types of reading material.

2. Take care of a houseplant or something in the garden

Tip: Get your child a watering can or set of gloves. Or, you can get an easy-to-care-for plant, such as a succulent.

3. Make their bed each morning

Tip: Make sure it’s easy for your child to replace pillows and bedding in a way that looks presentable. Set a good example for them by doing so, too.

4. Try new fruits and vegetables at mealtime or for snacks

Tip: Help your child broaden his or her horizons if they’re a picky eater. They may find a healthy replacement for another snack.

5. Play outside after homework is finished (if weather permits)

Tip: Join your child outside or help them designate a good area to play in. Make up new games or activities periodically to keep him or her entertained.

6. Learn how to make a meal or snack

Tip: Help your child understand directions on a prepackaged meal or help them make something from scratch. Use caution, of course, with heat and sharp knives.

7. Help take care of a pet or sibling

Tip: Have your child start taking the dog out or emptying the litter box if they’re old enough. They can also help a younger sibling get ready in the morning by picking out an outfit or doing their hair.

8. Pack their own lunch

Tip: Make it easy for your child to pack a healthy lunch by keeping the fridge stocked with their favorites. You can help him or her out by putting serving sizes in small containers that are ready to go.

9. Take out the trash or recyclables

Tip: You can accompany your child if your street is dark or he is she is young. However, many kids like having a sense of responsibility.

10. Replace one non-water drink with a glass of water each day

Tip: If your child loves having a glass of sweet tea or soda with dinner, ask them to swap it out for water. If they’re resistant, try to do the swap a few times per week at first.


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