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Where to recycle disposable masks

Image courtesy of WIX

Used disposable masks are everywhere yet nowhere they should be. You've seen them laying around on the ground, hanging from branches, and just outside the garbage bin. A few cities in the West Island want to make a difference by providing bins located in their municipal buildings.

When the masks are disposed into these bins provided by Terracyle, the masks are then turned into new products like outdoor furniture, outdoor decking, watering cans, storage containers, etc.

Here are some of the locations of the mask disposal bins:

Bank of Montreal (3190 Saint-Charles Blvd, Kirkland)

Beaconsfield Library (303 Beaconsfield Blvd, Beaconsfield)

Beaconsfield Recreation Center (1974 City Ln, Beaconsfield)

Pointe-Claire Aquatic Center (60 Maywood Ave, Pointe-Claire)

Pointe-Claire City Hall (451 Saint-Jean Boulevard Pointe-Claire)

Pointe-Claire Public Library (100 Douglas-Shand Ave, Pointe-Claire)

Valois Library (68 Av. Prince Edward, Pointe-Claire)

Help clean up the West Island by disposing your mask properly!

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