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What do you do with old LEGO pieces?

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Now that your child has all the gifts they could ever ask for, what do you do with all the old LEGO pieces lying around? The popular toy block company has come up with LEGO Replay which allows previously loved LEGO bricks to be donated to children in need.

LEGO blocks are an essential part of a child's life to help them learn, collaborate and be creative. LEGO Replay allows the less fortunate to play and develop these skills too! The bricks are donated to multiple donation partners like Right to Play and True North Aid.


Here's what you have to do:

Gather all the LEGO pieces you want to donate, disassemble any sets that have been built and sort out the bricks that can't be donated according to the list below of accepted blocks.


  • LEGO System, DUPLO, and Technic Bricks and Elements from single or multiple sets

  • LEGO Minifigures and Mini-dolls (no need to disassemble)

  • LEGO Baseplate

Not Currently Accepted:

  • Non-LEGO bricks, elements, or toys

  • LEGO sets that are already fully or partially built including Technic and Mindstorm

  • Batteries or electronic components including those which are LEGO branded

  • LEGO and non-LEGO branded merchandise and all non-brick items including apparel, storage containers, and backpacks.

  • Building instructions or packaging

To get a free shipping label click here and provide your email address and postal code. Then box up all the blocks you wish to donate then ship it off! As easy as that!

LEGO Replay has already donated 41,050 boxes of LEGO bricks, that's 271,444kg of bricks and allowing 103,224 children to play and learn with donated bricks.

Extend the holiday joy past Christmas to less fortunate children by donating old toys!


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