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West Island teacher honored with prestigious award

Image courtesy of OOIAQ

Lauren Bélanger, a teacher at the West Island Career Centre for the past three years, is the 2022 recipient of the Prix reconnaissance en enseignement presented by the Ordre des infirmières et infirmiers auxiliaires du Québec (OIIAQ).

This honor recognizes Ms. Bélanger’s involvement in the health, assistance, and nursing program (HAN), as well as the major role she plays alongside her students. Together with the Prix reconnaissance and the Prix relève, the Prix reconnaissance en enseignement is one of three honors handed out as part of the activities surrounding the Licenced Practical Nurses Day (May 5).

The Prix reconnaissance en enseignement pays tribute to the hard work of educators who help to burnish the image of the LPN profession.

“Once again, we are very proud to present awards that recognize the efforts and hard work of OIIAQ members who embrace excellence, particularly since the beginning of the pandemic. The OIIAQ values their ongoing dedication and commitment,” said OIIAQ president Carole Grant.

The OIIAQ’s selection committee was impressed by the involvement and creativity of a teacher who is always seeking out new ideas designed to focus her students’ attention and motivate them to learn, particularly during the pandemic.

By creating outstanding case studies and learning exercises, Ms. Bélanger fosters her students’ sense of autonomy and commitment. She typically uses technology and other strategies to stimulate their critical thinking skills and knowledge so they can meet the high standards and expectations of the LPN profession.

Pre-pandemic, she took part in the Literacy Cafe, a volunteer activity focusing on discussion, writing, and reading, through which students hone their English-language skills while socializing and developing their self-confidence.

In the classroom, Lauren Bélanger does more than broaden her students’ knowledge and skills; she also helps them to understand and promote their professional roles and responsibilities, particularly since LPNs are such an important resource within the health care system.

“It’s important to show students that they’ll be playing a crucial and varied role within the nursing team and that they should take pride in each new skill they acquire,” she said.

A proud representative of the LPN profession, Ms. Bélanger continues to develop her own professional skills by taking part in training activities while also completing a bachelor’s degree in vocational education. Her twin goals are to ramp up her teaching skills while developing new tools for training, supervising, and assisting students.

Through her enthusiasm, empathy, and love of her profession, Ms. Bélanger is helping to groom a new generation of LPNs who are both passionate and skilled.


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