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West Island Mission Faces Growing Demand, Prepares for Relocation

Amidst the ongoing economic challenges, West Island Mission finds itself at the forefront of meeting the escalating needs of our community. With demand surging, the organization is gearing up for a crucial relocation to a larger facility, set to be completed by June 2024.

Viewing this move as an opportunity for growth and enhanced community service, West Island Mission is doubling down on its commitment to support those in need. The expanded space will enable a significant increase in capacity, allowing the organization to serve more individuals and families effectively.

In a strategic move to broaden its impact, West Island Mission is also fostering partnerships with like-minded community organizations. One notable collaboration is with Volunteer West Island, which will see the establishment of a centralized kitchen for Meals on Wheels. This joint initiative underscores the collective effort to combat food insecurity in the region.

Reflecting on the unforeseen challenges posed by the financial crisis, West Island Mission remains resolute in its mission to address the needs of vulnerable populations. Despite the odds, the organization is steadfast in its determination to forge ahead and make a positive difference.

West Island Mission, known for its role as a local food bank, has experienced a significant uptick in demand, with over 400 households and close to 1,000 individuals now relying on its services bi-weekly or monthly. Among those served are a considerable number of single adult seniors, highlighting the diverse demographics impacted by food insecurity in the West Island community.

Please consider supporting the Mission through volunteering or financial support.


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