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West Island Men's Shed hopes to promote physical and mental health through community engagement.

Danny Williams founded the Lac Brome Men's Shed to create a safe space for older men to come together for activities, support, and friendship. The goal is simple: to boost mental and physical health and create a sense of belonging, following a global movement that began in Australia in the late 90s. According to a 2022 Mental Health Commission of Canada Evidence Brief, of the estimated 4,000 suicide deaths in Canada each year, close to 75% are men.

Founder Danny Williams and his granddaughter.

These spaces hope to reduce loneliness, foster social connections, and offer a sense of purpose. Plus, they're all about skill development and knowledge-sharing. The Lac-Brome Men's Shed has been thriving since 2019, and now that Williams has moved to the Pointe-Claire area, he wants to kickstart a West Island Men's Shed. 

Members of the Lac-Brome Men's Shed with Isabelle Charest, MNA of Brome-Missisquoi.

Activities may include:

  • volunteer community projects,

  • the development of a full woodworking workshop,

  • a social games center (for example, pool table, foosball, ping pong table, darts, and model trains),

  • boating and fishing outings in the summertime, cooking classes, community activities, music/jam sessions, golf activities, water sports, guest speakers etc.

  • Over time, the hope is to work with local communities and community organizations, contribute to school programs, raise funds for food banks, and assist individuals in need - whatever the community and members need.

It is important to note that Men's Sheds are gender-inclusive organizations. Activities, volunteer opportunities, workshops, and training are open to all. The participation of the entire community is encouraged and appreciated.

They're currently looking for a suitable space to establish a center that can be shared with other community groups, and are inviting all to join! To get involved, you can contact Danny at 

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