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West Island artist debuts new exhibit: Spin Doctors, Spirits, and Spectrums of Light

lindsay robb, artist, kirkland, art exhibit
Image courtesy of Kirkland artist, Lindsay Robb

Lindsay Robb, a West Island abstract artist, is exhibiting fresh and innovative art at the Kirkland Library this November. Originally from Prince Edward Island, Lindsay moved to Kirkland after falling in love with a West Islander (now her husband). A busy mom of two young kids and a riding instructor at Greystone Equine (Rigaud), Lindsay manages to find time to paint when and where it is ever possible.

She’s particularly excited to display a large-scale project she’s been working on for two years, called Spectrum. The concept of Spectrum was born in the fall of 2019. The idea behind it was a rainbow. She would create seven panels; One panel for every color of the rainbow, each with a different feel and texture.

“I felt I needed to do it. It felt right but had no idea why. I sketched it on paper and quizzed my amazingly talented husband if he could custom build canvases six feet tall. Of course the answer was yes!”
- Lindsay Robb

By the beginning of March 2020, Lindsay had completed two (yellow and red) of three panels that were made for her. On March 10, 2020, she was on her way into a meeting for the Kirkland Artists’ Association at Lantier House and saw a full rainbow.

“It was a crazy time of year for a rainbow and I took it as a good omen that I needed to continue and I felt extremely energized to complete the piece.”
- Lindsay Robb

Fast forward a couple of weeks and March 2020 quickly grew into an entirely new obstacle. Covid stopped the world, there was no canvas to be found, and Lindsay's rainbow project took on a whole new meaning. The rainbow suddenly signified hope and Robb was more excited than ever to keep going. Sadly things had to be put on hold until things calmed down a bit and she could buy canvas.

Image courtesy of Lindsay Robb

Once she could get her hands on canvas again, four more panels were created. Now complete, Spectrum has taken on so many meanings. For example, the orange panel is for Truth and Reconciliation and was painted in October 2021.

“The Indigo Panel reminds me of my late Dad’s views while hiking as a young man in the Rockies. He sadly passed away in September 2020 and coincidentally (or not) his birthday is on March 10th. The day I saw the full rainbow.”
- Lindsay Robb


Lindsay’s work can be viewed from November 3-30, at the Kirkland Library (17100 Hymus Blvd, Kirkland H9J 2W2).

For more information about Lindsay:

Facebook @ArtistLindsay

Insta @lindsayvrobb

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