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War Amps reunites Pierrefonds 10-year-old with his love for music.

Updated: Dec 17, 2023

Elan Johnson, 11, of Whitehorse, Yukon, and Vincent Cai, 10, of Pierrefonds-Roxboro, are two active young boys who love performing music. Although they are from different sides of the country, they have something unique in common: they are both missing their left arms.

Vincent and Elan receive financial aid to cover the cost of everyday and recreational prostheses as well as daily living aids because they are part of The War Amps Child Amputee (CHAMP) Program. They each now have an instrument that helps them play the music they love and are learning how to perform their favorite Christmas songs.

PHOTO: War Amps

“I’ve always loved the sound of the piano, but I didn’t know if I could ever play,” says Vincent.

Elan echoes the sentiment “When I received the device from The War Amps, I was so happy. I never thought I could play the guitar, but now, with this special arm, I’m learning to strum my favorite Christmas songs.”

Vincent and Elan are proving that music knows no bounds and that with spirit and determination, there is nothing they can’t do:

“With determination and the right devices, these children are embarking on a musical adventure that promises to be inspiring,” says Danita Chisholm, Executive Director of the CHAMP Program. “They are exemplifying the spirit of the season by embracing new challenges and finding joy in making music.”

The War Amps receives no government grants, and its programs are possible through public support of the Key Tag and Address Label Service. “Thanks to the public’s support, we can continue to empower amputees, helping them to embrace life with an amputation and to reach their goals,” added Chisholm.

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Jul 05

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