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Trees planted in Beaconsfield highlight the arrival of 48 youth to Batshaw

In cooperation with non-profit organization GRAME and Montreal West Island Integrated University Health and Social Services Centre (IUHSSC), trees were planted in Beaconsfield to highlight the arrival of 48 young IUHSSC beneficiaries, age 6 to 17, at the Batshaw Centre in Beaconsfield.

According to a recent release, the City was able to implement this project as a result of the GRAME programme ICI ON VERDIT and a grant of 4,600 dollars obtained from TD Canada through GRAME. The organization also provided invaluable support for the planning of the campus greening and the tree-planting activity on the Elm Avenue site on November 2.

"It was a great pleasure for GRAME to contribute to the planting project at the Batshaw Centre. In fact, we know that involving the young boys and girls in the planting of these 40 trees will allow them to feel engaged and to develop a sense of belonging to the Centre. With these direct interventions and by involving young future leaders in ecofriendly activities, GRAME participates in the greening and embellishment of this living environment," notes Ms. Élise Légaré-Hains, Greening Coordinator at GRAME.

"We are very grateful to the City of Beaconsfield for enabling the planting of more than forty trees in cooperation with the GRAME organization. In addition to greening their living space, the activity provided an opportunity for introducing the young people to ecofriendly engagement and raising awareness for the benefits of biodiversity in their environment. We sincerely thank our partners for their financial participation and their implication," says Mr. Jean-François Miron, Associate Executive Director at the West Island IUHSSC.


GRAME – Groupe de recommandations et d'actions pour un meilleur environnement – provides environmental solutions in collaboration with citizens, communities, organizations, and governments by intervening on the ground, deploying education and awareness programmes, and making recommendations firmly backed by robust science that has characterized the organization since its inception.

About Batshaw Centres

The mission of Batshaw Youth and Family Centres (Batshaw Centres), established under the Act Respecting Health Services and Social Services, is, among others, to provide psychosocial, rehabilitation and social integration services, and to ensure the provision of services related to child placement, adoption, adoption disclosure, reunification, expertise to the Superior Court and family mediation. Since 2015, the Batshaw Centres are part of the Montreal West Island IUHSSC.


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