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The West Island Career Centre showcases its Automobile Mechanics program at SPVM event

Students in the Automobile Mechanics program placed stickers on catalytic converters to insure and identify them.

Cesar Brunet, the coordinator of the Automobile Mechanics program at the West Island Career Centre, explained the importance of this event and the details of catalytic converter theft. Students Chris and Luca also shared their insight into the process and its significance in diminishing catalytic converter thefts.

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Automobile Mechanics is one of the many career programs offered at Lester B. Pearson's West Island Career Centre. The Health Assistance and Nursing Care program helps students prepare for their entry into the health care system by using interactive classrooms and laboratories that simulate a true-to-life hospital environment.

The Institutional and Home Care Assistance program uses simulated rooms to prepare students to provide health care support to patients as they carry out their daily living.

"It's a beautiful center and we're always looking for good students in the auto mechanics field as well as in our health and business programs," said Cesar Brunet.

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