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The Veterans Transition Network: Helping Heroes Heal

The Veterans Transition Network (VTN) is the only independent, non-government organization of its kind in Canada. Every Veteran in need who participates receives at least 100 hours of services from specialized Psychologists and leaves with concrete plans for rebuilding their lives, according to VTN.

VTN programs and courses provide a life-long connection with peers, communication skills, self-maintenance techniques like coping skills, and future planning to ensure all veterans can live a quality of life that they are proud of.

"UBC did a research study on our delivery showing that everyone who completed the course had large improvements in their quality of life in areas like reduced depression, anxiety, and discovering they didn’t have to avoid certain people or parts of their life anymore. Our programs have a 98% completion rate, one of the highest in the world," assures graduates of VTN on their website.

If this sounds like something you or a loved one would be interested in, do not hesitate to reach out to the Veterans Transition Network! VTN understands what fellow Veterans are going through and are here to help you and your loved ones live a fulfilled life with purpose.

For Quebec Veterans in need, please scroll to the bottom of the page to see intake information for VTN's upcoming Transition Skills Course.

"Over a decade later, graduates from our first few groups are still volunteering their time today. That’s the power of successful transition and the strength of the connections forged between our Vets and their communities," reads the VTN website.

VTN programs take place in private locations, co-led by graduates who are Veterans themselves and understand the challenges with the transition that many Veterans face.

These programs are facilitated by psychologists & counselors who have received specialized training from VTN in military issues. Their charitable programs are backed by university research and 22 years of experience.

You can directly help change the lives of Canadian Veterans, for the better, by donating here.

As a registered non-profit charity, The Veterans Transition Network relies on donations from caring souls and greatly appreciates any donation amount. You can even donate unused Aeroplan Miles to help VTN reach Veterans in remote areas who otherwise do not have access to appropriate resources!

To give a better idea of how your money helps VTN, a donation of $150 can cover an hour of counseling for 6 veterans. For every dollar raised, 87.8% is spent directly on Veterans so that there are no out-of-pocket costs to any Canadian Veteran.

All private donations go directly in full to the delivery of Veterans Transition Programs, giving VTN the ability to offer them nation-wide in the most efficient manner possible.

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