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The Ecomuseum presents “La Fresque du Climat.”

On June 29th, the zoo located in Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue announced that it will present “La Fresque du Climat” in its nature camps for the first time ever in Québec. The objective is to raise awareness about the various consequences of climate change.

What is “La Fresque du Climat?”

Here's an overview of the initiative, according to Communications Director Sarah Prince-Robin:

“Designed in 2015 in France, the Fresque du Climat workshops design an educational tool in the form of a set of 42 cards, translated into more than 45 languages, of which the content comes from the scientific reports of the IPCC.” In other words, it is an educational game that allows players to understand climate change issues.

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“La Fresque du Climat” for kids

There is also a junior version of the game for children aged 9 to 11 which has simpler texts, explicit clues and utilizes collaboration to have fun while learning about a serious topic, as mentioned by Mrs. Prince-Robin. This is the version currently used for nature camps.

“La Fresque du Climat” around the world

Regarding the global impact of the game and its workshops, Sarah Prince-Robin stated:

"'La Fresque du Climat' has reached the milestone of one million people made aware of climate issues thanks to its eponymous workshops. A symbolic milestone for the association, whose goal is to accelerate understanding of climate issues at the global level.”

For more information, visit:

The Ecomuseum Zoo:

Sources: Sarah Prince-Robin, Ecomuseum Zoo


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