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The Artemis Pet Pawject: A new local non-profit organization for pets and their owners.

Created in December 2022, The Artemis Pet Pawject is a non-profit organization based in Vaudreuil-Dorion that aims to help pet owners pay expensive veterinary fees when their beloved animals are faced with life-threatening situations. According to President Cathy Schizas, such emergency costs can go from $3000 to $10,000. This reality and the passing of her beloved pet led her to create this project:

“Our organization is named after my beloved puppy, Artemis, who unfortunately passed away at just 12 weeks old. This tragic loss inspired me to create this organization.”

Image source: Facebook

This year, the initiative is being financed by the sale of personalized pet products, such as keepsakes, and through fundraisers and donations. All products are homemade by Mrs. Schizas, and a website will be created in the near future, according to the organization.

The project has held a fundraising event for the past two weeks that is set to end on August 1st. The ‘Paws for a Cause’ fundraiser prizes are varied, and there is more than $5000 in total value to be won, as mentioned on the organization’s Facebook page. The president declared that there will be more events this year, mentioning a potential car wash event in September and various fundraisers in the Fall.

According to a Facebook post, Dr. Suzanne Marcil joined the organization on July 18th. This is a sign that the organization is steadily growing in popularity among pet lovers and owners. So far, the small organization has yet to collaborate with other similar organizations, but according to its president, it is only a question of time.

Regarding the beginning of financial help for veterinary fees from The Artemis Pet Pawject, Mrs. Schizas stated, "[w]e go live next year assisting pet owners."

This means the project is set to begin its charitable activity in 2024, while the rest of 2023 focuses on raising funds.

Image source: Facebook

For further information, visit:

Source: Cathy Schizas, Artemis Pet Pawject, Facebook


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