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SUB: How to stop the overflow of water use

Image courtesy fo Unsplash

In attempted to be more eco-conscious the team at West Island News realized our over-use of water. We turned to Facebook page West Island Zero Waste to learn how to measure how much water our faucets and shower heads are producing.

According to Hydro Quebec the water flow is usually marked on some equipment but if it isn't here is how you check!

Step 1: Turn the tap on all the way

Step 2: Place a measuring container under the faucet or shower head and count five seconds

Step 3: Note how many litres of water are in it

Step 4: Multiply that number by 12 to obtain the flow rate in litres per minute.

To better understand here's an example: If the showered flow rate is 10.2L per minute that means you are using an equivalent to more than one hundred 500mL water bottles during a 5 minute shower! Hydro Quebec suggested a shower head that restricts flow to 7.6L per minute.

One easy change to a more eco-conscious life can lead to a greener future!


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