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Students will no longer be taught ethics & religious culture and instead focus on Quebec Citizenship

Image courtesy of, Christian Chomiak
Image courtesy of Christian Chomiak

Quebec’s Ethics and Religious Culture curriculum will be seriously overhauled, according to Quebec Education Minister, Jean-François Roberge.

The new program, which will replace the former one implemented in 2008 will focus on Quebec culture and citizenship.

The program, according to the Quebec government, “will undergo a major transformation and allow Quebec students to develop critical thinking while deepening their understanding of Quebec culture and citizenship.”

Initial planning for the program has begun, with a goal of gradual implementation into elementary and high schools in 2022.

The new program will focus on three main modules: Culture, Citizenship in Quebec, and Dialogue & Critical Thinking.

Within the Culture module, students will learn to “appreciate and understand the culture that defines Québec society. At the end of their studies, students will feel part of Québec culture by having a better understanding of its foundations, the transformations it has gone through, its diversity and the various way in which culture can be expressed throughout the world.” (SOURCE)

Next, the Citizenship in Quebec module will “enable students to understand the foundations of citizenship in Québec and the shared values of freedom, self-respect, and respect for others, freedom of expression and conscience, equality for all and secularism [...] The program will also address sexual education, including consent and sexual violence.” (SOURCE)

Lastly, the Dialogue and Critical Thinking module will ask students to “develop their critical thinking skills by engaging in dialogue, while showing respect for others’ dignity. Students will examine and address moral dilemmas, along with cultural, religious, scientific, and social references. They will need to evaluate and analyze these references and take a stand. Students will be equipped to argue in a respectful manner." (SOURCE)

According to the Minister of Education, the program’s reform will also aim to highlight and educate students on the struggles and stark realities of Quebec’s indigenous population.



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